Will the actual product differ a little from the web images?

There maybe minor variations in color and texture of actual products because of the nature of fabric dyes, hand crafting, hand weaving, weather at the time of dying and differences in visual display output due to lighting and digital photography. These are not defects. This brings the uniqueness into our designs as each piece is a work of art. Staying true to our philosophy, we use eco-friendly dyes in Cikana’s RED line of scarves with Japanese fabric printing machines.


Handcrafted, hand dyed, hand printed, hand painted (Kalamkari), hand embroidered, hand woven products will have minor differences when we compare them as they are not made identical by a machine. Each piece will be unique. Cikana’s hard working artisans always try their best to make each piece beautiful and improve their craft with every piece. While doing so, the product will always have minor variations keeping the same theme constant with an artistic vision. Handmade products cannot be compared with machine finished products as the human touch is the beauty of our hand crafted works of art