Co-Founder and creative headof Cikana, Prabha can speak Technology and Fashion with the same ease. She’s an Engineer by profession and an Artist-Designer by passion. Her experience in Technology is an inspiration to build a globally relatable brand in Cikana, that pays attention to function just as much as it does to design. Cikana’s colorful inspirations come from her artworks, travels, everyday sightings, people and her curiosity to learn about different cultures. When not working on technology or Cikana, Prabha can be found painting, reading or spending time with her family and friends. But at the core, Art rules her world. Her favorite line to repeat “At Cikana, we create styles, our diverse clients make them a statement”



A social entrepreneur at heart, Madhvi co-founded Cikana with a strong conviction to support social causes while selling fashionable dreams to style enthusiasts across the globe. Business savvy that she is, Madhvi effortlessly manages to blend social and business. When not working on a Cikana project as the business head or trying to provide educational resources to underprivileged kids, you can find her brainstorming on growing the brand or one of her many charity efforts. Madhvi brings valuable business experience from her previous successes in the world of Cashmere and her mastery helps Cikana’s art shine on the best of fabrics.


Sales & Marketing

A successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, Yogesh Khare has had the good fortune of growing up in California and experiencing the great lifestyle that coastal cities like San Francisco, Carmel, Pebble Beach, and Santa Barbara have to offer. Yogesh first met Madhvi at San Jose State University and have been life longfriends ever since. They have collaborated on many ventures including producing films, music, and wine. Yogesh is executing on a partnership program that will allow Cikana’s unique products reach a wider audience via online and luxury retail channels.